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So before I begin, I’d like to get one thing straight. I’m very much a ‘brows and base’ kind of girl. My foundation and the shape and colour of my eyebrows and something that I focus on mostly as personally, I think it gives quite a natural and minimal make up feel.
On occasion, I am very much known to jazz up my eyes with a touch of liquid liner and maybe if I’m feeling very sophisticated I would attempt a cheeky red lip, but on a day to day basis, my brow kit and foundation are all I need.
To form my base, I prep my skin before using my YSL Touch√© √©clat foundation, I buff this all over my face with a real techniques expert face brush until I’m happy with the converge. I then go in with the collection lasting perfection concealer if my skin isn’t looking too fab. And now it’s time for the contouring (skip this step if you already have beautifully prominent cheek bones *sigh*). I just take my sleek contour kit, suck in my cheeks and try to create the illusion of more chiseled features by tracing the hollows of my face with the brush and the tan coloured powder. I then highlight the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and Cupid’s bow with the highlighter in the kit.
Next, I move onto my brows. I take the medium brown and the darker brown colour in my brow palette and mix the two together before creating a brow shape that I personally think, frames my face.
I then like to add a tiny bit of definition to my lashes, for this I firstly curl them with my Eyeko eyelash curler, before adding either the Eyeko lengthening skinny brush mascara or the Revlon grow luscious mascara.
Now, if I’m not in a complete hurry I’ll add some lipstick. My current favourites are-
Chanel (shade-pirate)
Revlon (shade- mauve it over)
Topshop (shade- innocent)
Mac (shade- plumful)
And that’s how i construct my face! I hope you enjoyed.

lots of love





Hello again!
So as winter has now eased into spring I thought it would be a good time to attempt to construct my wardrobe into something that would function in the warmer weather. However, I didn’t take this opportunity to ditch the jumpers and jeans.
Transitioning your wardrobe into different seasons is a total must as it lets you keep those items that you may really love by just changing the way you’re styling them.
For this particular ootd I chose my winter favourites, a standard pair of black jeans and a knitted kimono, just by changing the items I’ve paired them with, this outfit would be fit for the warmer months!

high neck fitted top- primark
black jeans- topshop
knitted kimono- zara
shoes- zara

lots of love


Welcome to my blog!


Hey, so this is my blog.
To be honest with you, I’ve been contemplating joining in with the whole blogging hype for quite some time because it’s an experience and I adore writing, but I have never been confident enough at all. Despite that, I thought I’d break out of my comfort zone and write my first blog post! Most entries on this blog with consist of a mix of fashion (as you can imagine) make up, skin care and lifestyle posts which may come across as a bit ‘worn out’ as it’s obviously been done before, but I pinky promise that I’ll try to make my blog as interesting and unique as humanly possible.

Here’s a quick few facts about me-
My name is Keeley
I’m sixteen years old
I study journalism (soon to be studying fashion marketing)
I am a die hard American horror story and frozen yogurt fan.
I think I’ve covered the most important things.

Up until the age of around 13 I swear to you, my sense of fashion was a total disaster (think lots of pink glittery tops, patterned leggings, oversized hair bows) until I discovered the clothing bible that is Vogue magazine. The monthly blessing of this publication inspired me to sit up and take notice of the creativity within clothing.

I feel like my adoration of everything to do with fashion has now been set free in the form of this fashion blog, so here it is. Enjoy.

lots of love,